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Primary School Curriculum Planning guidelines Reflection tools Planning framework for play

Primary School Curriculum: Word version

Word versions of the content objectives and skills for every subject were developed in response to requests from teachers. The Word format enables teachers to copy and paste content objectives and skills into their own planning templates.

Language The Arts Social, Environmental and Scientific Education
Gaeilge T1
Gaeilge T2
Visual Arts
Mathematics Physical Education Social, Personal and Health Education
Mathematics Physical Education Social, Personal and Health Education

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Planning Guidelines

These draft guidelines have been developed by an interagency committee with representatives from DES, NCCA, PDST and the National Induction Programme for Teachers (Primary). They are designed to meet the needs of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) but also provide planning support for teachers and schools in generaL. The guidelines and the Curriculum Planning Tool use the same planning headings.

Long-term planning guidelinesimage of long term planning guidelines Short-term planning guidelines image of short term planning guidelines Cuntas míosuil guidelinesimage of cuntas míosúil guidelines
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Reflection tools

The reflection tool may be used at the end of each week (NQT) or fortnight. You may wish to include the completed reflection as part of your monthly report (Cuntas Míosúil).


image of sample short term plan image of sample short term plan
Weekly Reflection (NQT) Fortnightly Reflection
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Planning Framework for play

This framework complements the short-term plan. It supports the teacher in organising and resourcing the classroom for child-led play.

Planning framework for play      
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