Welcome to the NCCA Curriculum Planning Tool.

You can plan by class level, subject, strand and learning outcome/content objective by making your selections below. We would love your feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In the ‘Classes’ drop-down menu you can select multiple class levels. To deselect a class, click on the small ‘x’ next to the class level you wish to delete. You have the same options when selecting ‘Subjects’, ‘Subjects’, ‘Strands’ and ‘Strand Units/Elements.
After you have narrowed down your choice by class, subject etc., double click on the Learning objectives/Content Objectives you wish to add to your plan. On mobile the same double-click will also work. You will see the L.O/C.O. appear immediately under “My Plan” after selection.
Click on the “Skills/Concepts/Aspects/Language Functions” tab. Double click on the items you wish to add to your plan.
Click on the red ‘x’ next to the Content objective (s)/Learning Outcomes you wish to remove form your plan. To delete all Content objective (s)/Learning Outcomes from your plan, click on ‘Empty My Selections’.
Click on the red ‘x’ next to the Skills/Conceptsyou wish to remove form your plan. To delete all from your plan Skills/Concepts, click on ‘Empty My Selections’.
Yes! Click on the GLD tab; from here you will be able to develop a plan that suits the individual needs of your child/children.
When you click on the ‘Copy’ button you will then be able to paste any content you have added to your plan to your own documents or templates. Right click your mouse and select ‘paste’ or ‘Ctrl V’.
Just click on the ‘Short term plan’ or ‘Yearly Overview button’, you will then be offered a variety of predesigned templates to generate either short term plans or yearly overviews.
Click on ‘We would love your feedback!’ at the top of each page.